Friday, 7 March 2014

Update The Mya Boutique and the Stylz Shop, PLEASE!

Hey everyone! Demitra11 here! 

I just thought about how Woozworld NEVER updates the Stylz Shop OR The Mya Boutique. Those stores were the BEST back in 2011/2012, But now its the same things in those stores and we want MORE!

Hurry up Mya!

These stores used to be crowded back in the day, They would update the store more often and make really cool things! 

A look at some things in the Mya Boutique. Still the same, But more pricey. 

A look at some things in the Stylz Shop. Still the same, More pricey. 

Should they or should they not update these stores? Why or why not?

Until next time, Woozers!


Paper Bags?

Hey everybody! Demitra11 here! And I have some news!

Recently, Woozworld started selling new Unikz....Ummmm....


Really? Woozworld, We're gonna pay 4-17 dollars on Paper BAGS!?

 Lemmie tell you all something: We can buy CHEESEBURGERS at McDonald's or Burger King or something and get a FREE paper bag there! PLUS some cheeseburgers!! Like we're gonna pay 7 bucks for a paper bag to "disguise" ourselves when the person can just move their mouse over the player and check their name.

What Woozworld should of done was when we put the bags over our heads, Our names will be hidden. THATS called HIDING! Like look at Mya:


Thanks for reading everybody! ROFL! Until next time... ;)


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Whats been going on lately

Hey everybody!

For the past few months I've been really sad, So that's why I'm on and off about taking breaks and quitting.

School has been very stressful, and I thought I was having stress from Woozworld and making videos. So I quit for around 2 weeks. It was a very good break, But I was still unhappy. I realized that making videos makes me so much happier. Its my hobby, I love making videos. I thought making videos in reality would make things better, But it didn't. I already had something, and that something was Woozworld. I couldn't let almost 5000 subscribers down!

And so today, I made an awesome decision. I'm going to continue on making Woozworld videos. It makes me so much happier, and I forget all the drama and stress from school. When i'm making videos, I don't care about what people would think of it, I'm doing it for myself, and for all of you guys.

I was also stressed about a few Woozworld problems. Like the Chat Step problem. That RUINED ME. I hated seeing everyone getting tricked and messaging me, Asking why I said all those nasty stuff on Chat Step, When I don't even USE it. I don't understand why someone would go out and impersonate me. It may not be a big deal to you, but me, being that person that was being impersonated, IT HURT.

But now, I'm never going to listen to what anybody says negatively about me... And you shouldn't either. It'll just ruin you.

Be happy, and smile. Its your life, nobody can control you. The only person that can control you, is YOU!!!!

So today I made 2 videos, and helped a friend make theirs. I am SO MUCH HAPPIER!!
Here they are!
What Goes Down In Woozworld!
Gothie Auditions For The Voice (SEQUEL OF WOOZWORLD IDOL)
Thank you guys for everything!! I love you all ;D

Saturday, 28 September 2013


Hey everyone! So I LOVE seeing drawings of me and other woozens, So here's some videos! :D

Note: The names above the videos are their YouTube names. Subscribe to them!

Maddie Wooz!
OsnapitzKaycee WZW!
Moriah Gonzalez!


Thank you guys SOOO MUCH!! I love EVERYONES artwork! :D
Rage & Love,

New Outfits?

Hello Woozers! Well, the new outfits of this week (September 22-28) have arrived! Lets get into reviewing them, shall we? ;)

This outfit that Mya is wearing is called "Edgy Autumn". This is actually quite nice, The top, shorts...I guess the hair...but the shoes are kind of wacked out. But overall, I'm very surprised that Mya didn't make another outfit on drugs! Props to you, Mya!

On a scale of 1-10, I rate this outfit an 8.

This outfit is SO CUTE! AHHH IM GONNA DIE!!!!! But if the purse wasn't there, I would definitely buy it! Yes, I hate clothing with purses on it O.o ...but AHHHH!!! This weeks clothes are very nice! I am shocked that Mya didn't make another wacked out collection. Look at this hair, Its gorgeous!! the top and the skirt, TO DIE FOR!!!! And ehh the shoes are okay I guess....

On a scale of 1-10, I rate this outfit a 9.

Oh Maxy, Maxy, Maxy.............THIS IS AN AWESOME OUTFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MYA HAS PROOVEN HERSELF THIS WEEK! WOOOO!!!
Lol, The hat is very cute, followed by the hair and the top and the jeans and the shoes and the EVERYTHING!! If I were a guy, I would buy this. Props to Mya, once again!

On a scale of 1-10, I rate this outfit a 10.

BLEHHHH!!!! The collection was AWESOME until this outfit! The only thing I like about it is the shoes! Good colours, but awful outfit. (Lol i'm a fashion critic now)

On a scale of 1-10, I rate this outfit A NEGATIVE 69!!!!!

Thanks for reading me being a fashion critic!! I love critizing Mya's clothes O.o
Until then, Woozers!
Rage & Love,